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In the wake of a terrible blight in the realm of Meliora, a new, even darker force threatens the land…

About the Game

Fulfill your dreams of exploring a land of magic and fighting your way through malignant forces in this first-person VR adventure! Specially designed for motion controllers, the game lets you weave magic with your own hands like a true sorcerer. Are you ready to wield such power?

Return to Meliora, the land of magic and adventure known from The Wizards, and discover a brand new region in this thrilling new chapter of the Realm’s history!

  • New and improved spells

  • New enemies

  • New region of Meliora to explore

  • Advanced enemy AI

  • Reworked health system

Available June 4th 2020 on:


Carbon Studio is a team of VR game developers based in Gliwice, Poland.
Our interests lay in designing and creating virtual reality experiences that explore opportunities of the technology, both in video games and business-to-business solutions.

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